Everton FC: Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium / by Matthew Daly


Apologies that it has taken so long to update this blog.

I hope it will be a bit more clear that great care was taken to ensure we were designing a building that could be delivered, and could live up to the magical legacy of Goodison Park. While Bramley-Moore is a phenomenal site, it comes with unique challenges. Building a stadium is no easy task on a normal site, building on a water-filled historic dock significantly increases the complexity of that task. Much has been said about the new Tottenham stadium. It is impressive, no doubt, but at a reported cost of more than £1B comparing that building to what we are designing on Bramley-Moore is comparing apples and oranges.


Approximately £100M of our budget will be spent on preparing the site in such a way that we can build the stadium without damaging the historic fabric of the dock. That means the remainder of our construction budget must be spent with extreme efficiency. Fortunately, the magic of Goodison isn’t about fancy clubs and cheese shops but rather historic stands, steep, tight, and right on top of the pitch. It is a notoriously intimidating ground for opposing players and that is what we intend to bring to Bramley-Moore.


Our idea was for the stadium to feel as if it “grew out of the docks” ...to have a truly historic feel but also a very clear nod to the future. I have always loved the Liverpool Lime Station which has a mix of a traditional stone base with a light steel and glass roof.

Lime Station.jpg

I have been truly overwhelmed by the positive response to the renderings. We still have a way to go however, so please fill out the survey and encourage your mates to do so as well. I love the interaction and we have had some great ideas come through!

I will continue to update this regularly and will be posting ongoing process images here and on our social media channels.

As I have said, it is a labor of love and I feel a great responsibility to live up to the unparalleled history of this club and her generations of passionate fans. The new signings have been very exciting. I am confident it will be an amazing season!  🌊🌊🌊

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